Historical-educational zone

  • The innovative idea of showing the history of the Polish Armed Forces from the Middle Ages to the present times.
  • Museum exhibits surrounded by soldiers in their natural situations,
  • Contact with specialists, who re-create military units as reconstructors.
  • Specially organized dioramas, that provide an insight to engage viewers closer to the history.

Historical show

  • Cavalry shows
  • Napoleonic soldiers parade drills.
  • March of all units participating in the event
  • Driving with tracked and wheeled military vehicles

Incredible experience:

  • Meetings with performers known from popular film productions
  • Meetings with characters associated with military topics, historical programs
  • Meetings with publishers of historical books

Military zone

  • Come and see different kinds of the weapons
  • Military vehicles in staging In modern surrounds
  • The potential of the army
  • The armament industry achievements
  • Armament manufacturers
  • Tracked vehicles
  • Wheeled vehicles
  • Mobile radars
  • Communication systems
  • Logistic support vehicles
  • Bridges
  • Soldiers’ equipment
  • Weapons
  • Night vision
  • Missiles

All in 24 thousand sqm area under the roof and on external space.

A unique opportunity to find yourself on a modern firing range among the innovative and unique military products.


Business zone

  • Theory, practice and equipment in one place
  • Impressive commercial part
  • Products for everyone: enthusiasts of modern survival techniques, those aware of current threats and military lovers
  • Contact with people associated with survival
  • Contact with business people, entrepreneurs, owners and bosses of leading companies who are committed to developing and building partnerships.

Sefety zone

  • Conferences, discussions, shows and trainings
  • Rules of weapon handling
  • 21st Century Noah’s Ark – an incredible way to survive
  • ASG, paintball and archery
  • New military threats
  • New approach to personal, country and data network security
  • Special formations shows
  • The potential and equipment of uniformed units: police, guard and other formations

Science zone

It will join the representatives of industry, scientist form the military and civil educational centres as well as creators of start-ups. It is something new on the European market. Such presentation of possibilities of knowledge, combined with the needs of the market, will create a change to connect the innovations with finances and industry. At the same time, shows of novel solutions, will help to acquire new markets for our technical thought and it will promote development of our science around the world.

The aim of the organiser is that the field of science will be built in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.